We kindly ask that all parents & carers are responsible for their children’s behaviour in our toddler group to ensure the safety and well-being of all those that attend. Children are free to express themselves, however we do not advise running or climbing during the sessions as this could cause accidents.
All instruments, puppets and props are regularly checked and cleaned. We kindly ask parents to support their children by selecting and using each item with care throughout the class. Please discourage your children from placing any play equipment in their mouth as some items could be a potential chocking hazard if used incorrectly.
We would kindly ask parents and carers not to allow their children to eat and drink whilst they are participating in the class for health and safety reasons.
These precautions have been designed so that your children will have a safe and happy experience with us. Thank you for taking time to read and respect them.
Rockin’tots classes are covered by Public Liability Insurance. Rockin’ Tots is required to hold a register of each attendee at every class for insurance purposes. Please note that your registration information will NOT be passed on to any other person, organisation or company.
Thank you & Happy Rockin’

Gaynor x


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