Monday’s Rockin’


“In our Toddler Group we use music and imagination to take your little one on an exciting adventure. Snuffy Steam Train leaves the station at the start of each class and takes us to our learning destination.

From the Jungle to the City, the Ocean to the Farm, we might Zoom to the Moon or find a Secret Garden, where ever we go, each discovery is brimming with understanding the world around us through music, singing, dancing, counting and everything in between.”

Beaconsfield Toddler Group*MONDAY’S  ROCKIN’

*Monday’s drop in toddler group runs 09:30 & 10:30 term time. This means you & your little one can join our musical adventure when ever you want with out prior notice and on a pay-as-you go basis. Great for Mum’s & Dad’s on the run looking for a morning of musical fun! If you come to Rockin’ Tots regularly, you might benefit from purchasing our Regular Rocker voucher.
When you purchase 9 classes upfront, the 10th class is free as a thank you from me! You can still drop in when ever you like as the voucher is valid for 12 months. For more details on Regular Rocker, please click here! Our drop in session means that attendance can vary week by week so it’s a great way to meet new parents in the area without commitment. We very much look forward to taking you & your little one on a musical adventure!

Beaconsfield Toddler Group*

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